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I am passionate, creative, loving, with a joyous soul. I express myself through the art of clothing: an obsession of simplicity, beauty and elegance. I select delicate color pallets, unique fabrics, feminine shapes and cuts and I strive for perfection in every detail.


Vita discovered her true passion as a young girl and has been pushing the boundaries of fashion ever since. She discovered that fashion allowed her to express her true self to the world, at the same time discovering who she was on the inside.  She has nourished this strong sense of self and through her collection inspires this feeling in those that wear her pieces. She always dared to be herself in her own colorful world.

After spending many summers in Saint Tropez and falling in love with the French Riviera, La Collection Vita was born. Here, she decided to create something alternative to what was offered and to be a part of ´St Tropez style´ by sharing her personal unique vision and love for the region.

La Collection Vita is inspired by the absolute beauty of the French Riviera and its glamorous lifestyle. Designed while living in mild winters and sun-filled summers by the beautiful coastline with the silhouette of the extraordinary landscape and mountains.

Vita invites all woman in the world to share the same desires to be individual, free, feminine and simply dare to be themselves, embracing their individual beauty.


La Collection Vita embraces the finest fabrics and hand selected delicate patterns, together with feminine style, elegance and beauty.

In each piece of La Collection Vita you will discover the finer details, sensation of happiness, filled with the urge to create an unique emotion of every woman’s beauty.

La Collection Vita is carefully crafted by one single woman’s trusted hands; surpassing quality from start to finish – Handmade and with Love passing to your hands.

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