Find La Collection Vita at TF1 and 50 Inside reportage about Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel


Château de la Messardiere St Tropez

Set in the green lushness of Provence, Château de la Messardière is a beautiful palace hotel with all the modern and classic beauty of this historic property nestled in the hills. On its premises, you will find the Airelles boutique, a fascinating place for fashion lovers, with La Collection Vita complementing its style with feminine luxury wear collections of linen and silk.

The name Saint-Tropez evokes the images of sunbathing celebrities, designer boutiques and luxury yachts. At this prestigious location stands the Château de la Messardière, a historic 19th-century property nestled in the hills overlooking the Bay of Pampelonne. The resort, steeped in elegance and tranquillity, possesses an indescribable charm. In addition to the many attractions this luxurious château has to offer, a boutique with a selection of luxury items is another splendid place to spend your time.

Surrounded by and emanating a unique high-class aura, the Airelles boutique houses the most beautiful collections of famous designers, leaving the most pleasant impression on even the most demanding customers. Among the wealth of exquisite items found here are those comprising La Collection Vita, handmade with absolute elegance based on simplicity, with love passing through your hands.

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