NEW COLLECTION Silk Collection Taste of luxury, lightness and comfort with the finest silk fabrics. SHOP NOW Handmade Craft NEW COLLECTION Kimono Collection VITA would like to show and open mind that Kimonos can match not just swimwear as cover up, but with heels and baskets, jeans and cocktail dress, whatever it feels right for you my gorgeous women. SHOP NOW Handmade Craft

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From the beginning, she desired to be unique and unalike. She never acted like everybody acted. She never dressed like everybody dressed. She never followed fashion as everyone did. She always dared to be herself in her own colorful world.

She is – exciting, loving, with a joyous soul. She expresses herself through the art of clothing: selecting color pallets, individual fabrics, elegant shapes and cuts and striving for perfection in every detail. This combination describes VITA – a joyful elegance based on simplicity.


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